Remote access rebooted

MyQuickCloud liberates desktop programs and makes them available any time anywhere, whether they are installed on in-house systems or on cloud servers.

(speaking of cloud servers… yes, we have those, too)

Take your desktop apps anywhere

Use your desktop apps anywhere and on any device. With MyQuickCloud it doesn’t matter if you go mobile with your iPad, Android tablet, smart phone, Mac or PC – your desktop and applications are always at your fingertips.

Share desktop apps with others

MyQuickCloud application sharing allows you to share your desktop apps with colleagues and team members, allowing you to work with apps at the same time without disruptions.

Keep your data safe and sound

MyQuickCloud keeps applications and data in one place, which is far safer and more secure than letting it travel around on handheld devices and mobile computers. No more installing applications on all your computers, and no more copies of data living outside your control.

Go full cloud

For a carefree cloud experience, add a MyQuickCloud managed cloud server. We take care of daily backups and updates so you can concentrate on your day to day business.

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