MyQuickCloud Desktop Application Sharing

Share your desktop applications with others

Business owners around the world face the same challenge: how to simply get clients and co-workers to work on the same applications and files?

What if I could transform My desktop applications Quickly into web applications, making them accessible from anywhere at anytime from my own Cloud?

That is exactly what MyQuickCloud™ does. By cloudifying your desktop applications, it enables you and your team to easily access your virtual office in just a few clicks, giving you ultimate flexibility and freedom.

Watch MyQuickCloud in action

We believe that elaborate software should not be reserved for large companies only. We created a great and cost-efficient Desktop Application Sharing technology for everyone.

Why MyQuickCloud™?

Below we compiled a list of some of the many benefits users can enjoy, with every business discovering their own, individual advantage.


Quick and simple setup in a few minutes
Transform desktop applications (QuickBooks, Sage, Excel...) into online applications
Manage and scale your apps from a simple dashboard
Secure: confidential data never leaves the host server
Cost efficient and flexible co-working solution
Multi-user simultaneous use of desktop programs*
Share with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices.
Ideal replacement for traditional hosting services
*subject to the 3rd party software license terms and conditions.

What is included?

MyQuickCloud is packed with features to make sharing applications easy and simple.


Virtual Computer: Create a personal Virtual computer for you and your users
Virtual Application: Turn Windows Desktop applications into a web apps
App & Files Cloud: Create a cloud from your existing computer apps and files.
Workspaces: Create & Manage files user access permissions
Seamless Printing: Print locally or remotely without installing drivers
Host or Cloud Server: Choose one of your Servers or a Cloud Server as your host
Trial: Have a go at MyQuickCloud with our free trial

Share, manage and expand your desktop applications from a simple, elegant dashboard. Publish to users with just one click.

Simple steps to cloudify desktop applications

Setting up MyQuickCloud is easy and takes only a few minutes.

1. Name your Cloud

It all starts by creating your cloud account, giving it a name and activating it.

As most of us like to play with a new technology to understand it, all accounts come with a free trial.

2. Select & Configure the Host

This is the server where the applications and files you want to share are located.

Choose either to use your existing server or get a Cloud Server from MyQuickCloud.

3. Share Applications

Any desktop application installed on the host can now be shared. The Configuration and management of applications can be done from any computer.

MyQuickCloud allows for the creation of a Virtual Computer or Virtual Applications.

4. Work together

You can share your applications on MyQuickCloud with anyone (team, client, consultant...), simply by sharing your application and inviting the user.

Manage application and file access directly from MyQuickCloud, and give your users access to your applications from their devices.