MyQuickCloud Enhanced Remote Access

Work on your applications, your files, your projects...

just not in your office!

MyQuickCloud Remote Access is our response to today's changing working habits. It is the perfect solution for individuals who need to access their applications and files whilst traveling or simply want to reduce on stressful commutes by working from home.

MyQuickCloud Remote Access in action

How does it work?

MyQuickCloud transforms your current desktop applications into web applications, making them accessible from anywhere at anytime, giving you your own virtual office. You can choose if you want to make only single applications available or an entire desktop. And don't worry, whatever you go for, you can always change it afterwards.

My setup, applications, files and projects

Quick and safe access from any device at any time

Cloud technology giving ultimate flexibility and freedom

“It is fast and reliable and I often even forget that I work remotely since it looks and is just as fast as my own local PC.”

Why MyQuickCloud™?

MyQuickCloud is different from standard remote screen solutions.
We call it Enhanced Remote Access


Quick and simple setup in a few minutes
Private session: users on host PC can't see remote user's activity
Connecting remotely through MyQuickCloud does not disturb the applications on the local computer
"Two in one": home PC can be transformed into work PC through the remote screen
Application mode: open just one or several single applications instead of entire desktop
Unlimited applications
Remote management: Restart or log off remotely
Safety: Remote user never connects as admin
No contract, no set up fee

What is included?

MyQuickCloud is packed with features for Remote Access users


Work on your applications from many devices
Print locally or remotely without installing a driver
Access all local hardware such as USB devices.
Copy and paste between computers
Create virtual computer with its own desktop and files
Add one or more additional host computers
Add a Cloud Server and share your desktop applications with others
Trial: Have a go at MyQuickCloud with our free trial

“MyQuickCloud's remote access comes with so many great features, especially the remote printing and app mode are really practical, I use it every day.”

What’s the difference between a host and client computer?

Your host is the PC that you’re connecting to remotely. It’s called the host because it’s the computer that’s hosting the programs an files you need to access. The client computer is the computer you’re sitting in front of that accesses your desktop. It’s called the client because it runs MyQuickCloud client rather than the program installed on your host computer.

Can I try MyQuickCloud before buying?

Anyone who has not previously subscribed or tried MyQuickCloud is welcome to try it free for 7 days. Just click the link below to get started.
Start your free trial now...

How long will it take me to start using MyQuickCloud?

Around 10 minutes: sign up for your account, setup the host and publish your applications.

How will MyQuickCloud affect my Internet bandwidth?

MyQuickCloud only uses a small fraction of your bandwidth, so it should not slow you down. For best performance, we recommend using a cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection.

How do you keep my data safe and secure?

We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Your data does not leave the host computer. Only the display and user interactions are streamed across a protected 128 bit SSL secured connection.

Can I contact you for support in case I need it?

Yes, everyone gets the same great support. Most emails are answered in less than two hours and we also provide online live chat Mon - Fri from 6am - 6pm EST.

Simple steps to your virtual office

See how powerful and easy remote desktop access can be from any computer or mobile device.

1. Install MyQuickCloud

It all starts by creating your account, which is done online from any computer.

Then go on the computer you want to use as a host, download MyQuickCloud from and enable the computer as a host.

Publish either the desktop, an application or a Virtual computer and you are done.

2. Access your desktop or applications

Get MyQuickCloud on your laptop, computer, tablet or phone (click on Get MyQuickCloud at
Login to MyQuickCloud and connect to the applications, desktops or virtual computers you have published before from a simple dashboard.

3. Work as usual

With MyQuickCloud, you can now remotely access your local computer from many devices. And since it is fast and there are no disruptions, you will feel as if you were sitting right in front of your desk.