You are going to download the MyQuickCloud launcher that will give you access to your personal cloud.

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  • Launch

    Once the download is complete, doubleclick on the downloaded file MyQuickCloud-Setup to launch it.

    Tip: MyQuickCloud can be launched directly from your computer by clicking on the shortcut icon created on your desktop during the first launch.
  • Login

    Authenticate yourself with your MyQuickCloud account (administrator).

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You have selected this computer to act as your host, i.e. the computer that users will be connecting to. Your users will be remotely accessing applications installed on this computer.

Click on Add Host... to promote this computer as a host.

Tip: Any desktop computer can be used as your host computer. But it needs to be turned on at all times to allow other users to connect.
Add Host
Publish Applications

Now that you have your first host computer, you can start giving access to its applications.

To do so, either click on Publish Virtual Desktop... or Publish other application...

Virtual Desktop: Provides each user with a brand new virtual PC accessible from anywhere.
Virtual Application: Provides direct access to specific applications on the host computer.
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