Managed Hosting

Fully Hosted And Managed Cloud Package

Managed Hosting

Extend Access To Your Data Through A Wider Hosted Private Or Hybrid Cloud Solution

MyQuickCloud Enterprise hosts your applications and client information so that multiple users can work simultaneously from anywhere. If you want to concentrate on your business and outsource the IT maintenance and hassle to hosting experts, cloud hosting is the answer for you!

MyQuickCloud Enterprise equips you with a dedicated cloud server. Unlike a shared server, our dedicated cloud server will only host your data and users.

Key Features

Multiple users can work on specific applications from anywhere and multiple devices (PC, Mac tablets...).
Daily Backup
We backup your whole server (complete clone) daily to another of our data centres' (physically independent).
Cloud servers are not directly accessible from the internet, instead, all connections are made using MyQuickCloud secure reverse SSL-VPN. All data is fully encrypted in transit and the encryption key is unique for connection.
Experienced Provider
MyQuickCloud has been providing managed Platform As A Service (PaaS) for over six years to hundreds of clients worldwide.

MyQuickCloud Enterprise - Benefits

  • Multiple applications hosting
  • Access from PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Customization - configure access to apps/files per user
  • Skilled tech experts managing updates and upgrades
  • Daily backups to another data centre
MyQuickClouc Managed Hosting

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With MyQuickCloud, let the cloud come to you and stay in control. It is a safe, non-intrusive and secure way for your company to start your cloud computing adventure.
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